One ship for Palestine

The movie takes place in a little port in the southern part of Peloponnese. The main character is Iordanis Kyroglou, a man with great influence and the grand teacher of the order of the Masons. Kyroglou and his partner Giatrakos, the police captain, try to gather information about the arrival of the cargo ship “Naomi”, which is transferring wheat from Panama to Israel. Waiting for the ship is the main “axis” of the movie, and our characters’ personal stories unravel around it. Stories of: the commander of the Palestinian commandos Abdullah Fakhir, Jewish Sarah Ben Susan, Kyroglou’s daughter, Kurt, the leader of a neo-Nazi group, the editor of the local newspaper, and the 17 girls that have come from the shaken Balkan states.


December 28, 2014
Showtime Productions
KINEMATIC | One ship for Palestine - KINEMATIC
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