KINEMATIC is an award winning, full service post production company, located in Athens.


Kinematic  was founded by Giannis Ageladopoulos and features a team of film industry experts who are passionate about their work and have excelled in their field.


With our academic and professionalism background in the fields of the film industry along with our computer expertise, we provide 3D animation, digital special effects, motion graphics, production and post production services, for even the most complex projects of the market.


KINEMATIC is an equipped with 2D/3D…and compositing workstation, the most technologically advanced equipment and is proudly performing the highest quality for international, domestic feature film and TV productions!Undoubtedly, we work under an artistic, strategic and creative process and we efficiently meet the demands of any production.


Furthermore, we have an extensive background in a wide variety of multiplex projects. Kinematic is a place of creation and is ready to gear up for new challenges..


We look forward to the opportunity of being at your service!

Impossible is nothing !