The Surface of Things

 There is an urban legend in Athens about Errinyos, an ancient underground river that nobody every saw but which, one day during the 80’s, came back to life and swept a girl away. The newspapers wrote that she was a teenager, half Greek, who lived in the outskirts of the city and was found drowned in the sea, tied on a raft.

Present day. A young anthropologist is researching the legend and locates the people who knew the girl. They are her three best friends, now in their 40’s, as well as their history teacher, who is now retired.

Through bits and pieces of letters, tapes and interviews, these women narrate the tragic story that took place 30 years ago and marked their lives as well as the city’s collective memory. At first they hesitate but eventually they give in to a redeeming confession, hoping to understand how their lives got here, how their generation got here, how the whole country got here. Failed dreams, politics, ideologies and a conservative society, they all conspire in a small tragedy whose victim was a young girl.

Produced by Watchmen Productions (Germany) and Heretic (Greece). Supported by the Greek Film Centre, ERT.


November 1, 2017
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